cPanel phishing attacks (updated)

BizHosting clients have recently been receiving emails directed to info@<their domain>, claiming their domain is about to be deactivated, or (update) requiring agreement to changed Privacy Policy.

BizHosting advises customers who host their domains with us that:

a) We do NOT use cPanel for customers to administer their domains (we use Plesk);

b) We do NOT program deactivation of your domain;

c) cPanel won’t be sending GDPR Updates to you, because a)!

d) We certainly wouldn’t send such an email to ourselves O_O

Should you receive such an email, generally addressed to info@<your domain>, please delete it immediately, and do NOT click on the attached .html file.

(If you’re wondering what happens if you do, you are taken to a “cPanel Login” screen, which asks for the login credentials for your domain. Do not enter your credentials!)

phishing "login" screen

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