Domain related questions

How will it take before I can upload my web site?

Once you receive an email containing your username and password the site can be uploaded anytime thereafter. Please note: until your domain name resolves to the new server you must use the IP (given in the introductory email) to FTP into the server and upload your site. Upload your files to the /httpdocs directory.

When will my web site be visible on the Internet?

Your web site will become visible to others on the Internet in about 12 – 72 hours after the domain name has been delegated to our servers. This time is out of our control.

Does it matter that I don’t live in the same country as the server?

No it doesn’t matter if you don’t live in the same country as the server. Our servers are connected to the Internet by extremely fast connections so you would never know even if it was the other side of the world.

Will there be pop-ups or any advertising on my web site?

No. Your web site will be completely free from advertising and pop-ups.

There are no banner ads, pop-up by default on any of our web site hosting accounts. But there is nothing stopping you if you wish to place advertising on your web site. BizHosting doesn’t take any responsibility for ads or banners you place on your site.

Do you have proof of your reliability?

The Plesk control panel provides information about how long the server has been running since the last time it was down or reset.

Where are your servers located?

Our servers are located in a state-of-art data centre in Melbourne, Australia. Each server is connected to the Internet through a number of Gigabit Ethernet links from separate backbone providers.

What kind of statistics can I find out about my web site?

You can find out a range of statistics about your web site. The Plesk control panel enables you to access statistics such as the number of visitors to your web site. As well as all how much web space your web site is using and how much transfer has been used.

What hardware configuration does your severs have?

Our servers are all P4 2.4Ghz – 2x 80Gb HD – 1Gb RAM. They run the CentOS 7 Linux operating system with the Plesk control panel.

Do you host any offensive sites with adult content?

BizHosting is a friendly, family orientated web host. Therefore we don’t allow anyone using our servers to host sites with offensive or adult content. If you or one of your clients accidentally breaches this, you will be notified that you are to remove the material immediately. If you don’t remove it, we will remove it for you.

Repeat breaches of this condition will result in the account being suspending or even terminated.

Do you allow us to spam? Can you stop me getting spam mail?

Sending spam emails is generally illegal and there are costly fines for anyone who engages in sending spam mail. If you are caught sending spam we will give you a formal warning. Continuing to engage in spamming may result in legal action against you.

As part of our security features we can stop you from receiving any unwanted spam mail. This comes as a standard with all our hosting packages.

Can I host MP3 files, games, movies or software downloads from my web site?

Yes but only with the copyright owners permission. Be very careful with what you host. If restricted files are hosted on your site you risk termination of your account without warning.

Downloads also tend to consume a lot of transfer, so be very careful which plan you select to avoid exceeding your monthly transfer limit.

Why use Linux for Web Hosting?

Linux has many advantages over other popular operating systems including;

  • It is completely compatible with Windows or Apple computers.
  • Considerably better security.
  • Strong support from our Linux provider (Red Hat)
  • Strong backup support from the Linux community.
  • A better environment for our Apache web server to run in.
  • More stable and well tested hosting additions like Perl, PHP, and MYSQL.
  • Faster patches for any software bugs.
  • Considerably better uptime and reliability.

Do you host international domains?

Yes, we can host domains from any country in the world.

No matter where you are our service is available to you. Our servers allow you to host any international country code like or

Email allows us fast response to any queries or difficulties that you have.

Is it possible to have two or more domains pointing to my hosting account?

You can have two or more domains pointing to your hosting account. To do this however you need a “redirect account”. This is typically a small account whose sole purpose is to redirect customers to your web site.

The fee for a redirect account is $20 per year; this includes all setting up required.

I don’t have a domain name. Can I get one through you?

If you don’t already have an existing domain name we are more than happy to provide you with one. There is no additional cost to you aside from the domain registration cost.

What is a sub-domain?

A sub-domain is a website address. The address is a different format to regular domain name addresses because it has two “names” and then the extension.

E.g. Your domain is at say “” the address of a sub-domain would be “”. Where “subdomain” is something that generally give a description about the sub-domain. I.e. where “parcels” is a sub-domain of

Can I change my domain name once my hosting is set up?

Yes, it is possible to change your domain name after your initial hosting account is set-up. This process however requires more work than simply changing a setting. Your existing account needs to be removed and a new complete account needs to be set-up.

There is an administration fee of AU$30 for the complete set-up of your new account. A cheaper alternative would be to purchase a “redirect account”. This would enable customers to go to your new domain but be redirected to your existing web site.

What characters can I include in a domain name?

Domain names are restricted to the 26 characters in the English Alphabet,as specified in RFC1035 (Domain names – implementation and specification) with the addition of numbers.

The only “special” characters outside that mentioned above is the hyphen “-“, which is useful to separate words in your domain name. They can’t however begin or end with a hyphen.

There is a 63 character restriction on Domain names; this does not include the “http://www.” or “.com” part of your domain name.

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