Hosting Plan FAQ

I’m not sure which plan to choose. How do I decide how much space I will need?

When considering which plan to choose there are few basic things to consider. You need to think about what your web site will be used for. Is it an information-based site with no downloadable files? How many employee email accounts will you be setting up? However it is no problem if you decide you want to upgrade or downgrade at any time. We will be happy to change your account free of charge.

What is transfer?

Transfer is the amount of information that is sent or received over the Internet. This includes downloading files and programs, email, searching and web browsing.

How much transfer will I need?

The amount of transfer needed depends upon the volume of traffic and usage you expect to use. For example small web sites that contain only information to view and no files to download will use on a fraction of the transfer of a web site with large downloadable files. If you find that you are running out of transfer but you don’t want to upgrade to the next plan we are able to provide you with additional transfer at a small fee.

What happens if my site exceeds its Plan limit?

If this occurs BizHosting will email you regarding the matter. If it is once-off no action or charge will occur. If this occurs repeatedly your account will either have stricter limits placed on it or require upgrading to a bigger plan.

Can I change plans?

Yes – you can either increase or decrease your plan at any time. There are no penalties or charges. If you choose to decrease your plan you will receive an extended hosting package (i.e. greater than a year) depending on the time of decreasing the plan.

Can you host ASP sites?

Currently BizHosting hosts all sites on Linux-based systems. As ASP requires a Windows-based system, and we don’t do Windows, BizHosting does not host ASP sites.

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