Web Design Package

Web Design is the single most expensive initial cost to a business wanting a presence online. BizHosting’s web design package gives you not only a website but hosting for a full year as well.

Our web design package is able to be so cost-effective because we are able to base each site off one of hundreds of templates. These templates, when correctly customised, will create a professional site for far less than a custom designed package. We believe the customisation of templates differentiates sites so much we used one on our own site!


  • Quick setup
  • Integration with the major search engines – Google and Bing
  • Integration with your Social Media accounts
  • Low ongoing costs


  • 6 pages with the same theme/colour scheme, including a form (which is normally a Contact Us form).
  • Web Hosting Silver Package
  • Free WordPress plugins for SEO, Social Sharing, and site security
  • Initial cost: AU$550 (inc. GST), and for each year thereafter, it’s simply the cost of the Silver Hosting Plan
  • Optional: built-in video training, to show you how to use your site
  • Recommended: monthly subscription, for continued support and care for your Website


You can have extra work done on your site, over and above the features listed above.

  • Additional Forms ~ $110 (GST incl.) per form.
  • Additional Page ~ $77 (GST incl.) per page.

Customisation of existing applications

As we are mostly programmers at BizHosting, we are also able to offer you customisation of existing open source applications, including custom themes and styles to make sites fit in with your commercial image.

We can’t offer prices for this service until we have a clearer idea of what it is you want, arranging a meeting and going over your requirements and expectations of this application.

Please be aware that prices here can change depending on the design you want for your site, and the time required to realise this design. Prices listed here are for sites based on a simple template, with just a little dynamic content.

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