Reseller Plan

The Reseller plan is designed to give a customer enough space to grow. The account allows a customer to host multiple domains. So if you own say 5 domains you can purchase the one account for all your domains instead of five individual accounts.

A reseller plan is also useful for people who are starting a web hosting business and wish to lower their initial setup costs. It is also very common for web designers who don’t want the technical hassle associated with having their own server.

The reseller account gives complete access to the accounts you host.

Once you have outgrown this plan another 1Gb and 20Gb bandwidth can be added for $220 extra. You can repeat this upgrade as many times as you need.

What’s included

Reseller plan
Yearly Fee (Inc GST) AU$550
Setup NIL
Web Space (MB) 3000
Monthly Transfer (GB) 20
Maximum User Unlimited
Apache Web Server YES
Python YES
Web Logs YES
Number of Sub-domains Unlimited
POP3 Email Accounts YES
Web-Based Email YES
SPAM Filtering YES
Virus Scanner YES
MySQL Unlimited
Number of Databases Unlimited


Making Hosting Easy To Manage

Reseller hosting can feel like a daunting task to begin with, however after a short time the majority of tasks become second nature. Once you become familiar with the control panel most tasks become routine. If you ever do need help for yourself or a client’s question you can contact us and we’ll answer it promptly. You may become familiar with the control panel before you purchase the account by checking out our FAQ and going to the Plesk Control Panel Demonstration. As a reseller you will have access to all but the Appliance Administrator panel.

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