What’s in a website?

Well, to have a functioning website you need:

  • a domain name,
  • hosting (somewhere for your site to live),
  • and of course some content.

A domain name

There are many places you can source domain names (domain registrars and resellers), you only rent them (usually for 1 or 2 years at a time), and prices vary widely. We supply .com names for $19.95/yr and .com.au for $34.95/2yrs, but one customer we built a site for paid someone over $1700 for their .com domain name!

Website Hosting

Hosting is the apartment your rent for your website to live in, and if you’ve got a good landlord and good service/support, life will be sweet. Rent prices can vary here too, depending on the size of the apartment, where it is, what comes included, etc. You may be able to find cheap hosting in Texas or Amsterdam (say), but you probably won’t be able to ring them up to discuss a problem. We’re in Australia, and we provide hosting from $7/month (for a small apartment) to $30 (biggest).
Once you have your hosting, you then need to tell the world where your domain can be found (that’s “configuring your domain’s name servers”, or linking the domain name to the hosting). We can do that for you.

Website Content

Then you need the content for your website. Some hosting comes bundled with tools to create it (Wix, Weebly, GoDaddy, Squarespace, WordPress.com, etc.). However, if you want to move house, you may find it difficult to impossible to take your site with you. You then end up locked into somewhere you don’t want to be. There may be ways out, but you’d need tech help…

What we do

Our hosting operation provides the full package. Domain name, hosting, tools (we use and recommend WordPress ourselves, and we’ll even install it for you for free), plus a helping hand from time to time, if you need one. If you want us to build a starter site for you, it’s only $550. Setting up SEO takes time, so we do charge extra for that.

Why us?

We know IT (40+ years experience) and we know how to build websites – both by hand, with Site Builders, and with WordPress (e.g. sites such as these).

Tell me more

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions 🙂

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