Become a Reseller

What is a reseller?

A reseller is someone who buys an amount of space and transfer off a server, divides it up and sells it to companies wishing to purchase web space or looking to find a cheaper more reliable server.

Can I change my reseller plan?

Yes, if you are running out of web space then you can purchase an EXTRA reseller package. This allows you more web space and transfer. There are no penalties or charges. This allows your hosting/reseller company to expand its capabilities as needed.

Can you offer support to my clients?

We can offer you support to any questions you have regarding your own clients and/or using the Plesk control panel. While we don’t deal with your customers directly, we are happy to answer any question they have which you can’t answer. We are also happy to answer any questions that you might have.

How much should I charge for my plans?

How much you should charge depends on your competitors. Do your research and find out much they are charging for their packages. Don’t you forget that you want to make a profit, so don’t under sell yourself in an effort to beat your competitors!

How do I create and manage service a.k.a. hosting plans?

  1. Log on in to your reseller login control panel.
  2. Under the “Service Plan” menu click on the “View Plans” link.
  3. On the site manager box, select “Add service plan” from the drop down menu.
  4. This allows you to configure a new service plan.
  5. Remember in the “Site Information” box you must create name-based plans for name based-sites and IP-based plans for IP-based sites.
  6. Most of the fields are self-explanatory. Importantly, you should match the features here to the service plans offered on your hosting site.
  7. The last step is to create a name for your plan. We recommend that you match the names of the plans offered on your hosting site.

How do I create and manage sites I host?

  1. Log on in to your reseller login control panel.
  2. Under the “Sites” menu click on the “List sites” link.
  3. Initially there will be no sites created in your reseller account.
  4. On the site manager box, select the type of site you are creating. Name-based or IP-based.
  5. Enter in their site information. The site name is
  6. Create a user name and password.
  7. Enter in the customers email address.
  8. Then select a reconfigured hosting plan for the new site.
  9. To configure the site manually click on the “Advance” button down the bottom.
  10. Click “Add site” when you are finished.

Do my clients get their own Control Panels?

Yes, all your customers get their own Plesk Obsidian panel. This allows your customers to access statistics about their site and administer their own site.

Can I have a personalised name server?

Yes, if you prefer to use a personalised name server (i.e. or which can be set up for a $20/year fee. This can create a more professional feel for your hosting/reseller company.

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