Email Server Maintenance scheduled for 3/10/21


Scheduled maintenance

BizHosting wishes to advise clients that we are planning to change our email server software, from Courier to Dovecot. This change is scheduled to occur over the first weekend of October 2021.


Each server is secured with an SSL certificate, for all sites hosted on the server. (This means that every 3 months, when it is renewed, email clients need to again trust the renewed SSL certificate.) This change is to increase the security for emails, and will be applicable on a per-domain basis.

On switching from Courier to Dovecot:
  • Dovecot comes with Pigeonhole – server-side filtering engine, which can be configured from webmail interface and third-party extensions to mail user agents (MUAs) like Thunderbird.
  • Dovecot supports pushing email through “IMAP IDLE” and optional “IMAP NOTIFY” protocol extensions.
  • Dovecot uses Sieve language to define server-side filtering rules.
  • Dovecot does not support short mail account names with Qmail and POP3 authorisation before SMTP.

the switch from Dovecot to Courier and vice versa may potentially result in all the messages being re-downloaded by Mail Client Software (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.)


BizHosting expects there to be no disruption to services resulting from this change to our mail server software. We thank you for hosting your services with us.

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